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8-18-09: We had to say goodbye to Nikki today. After a long four month battle with lymphoma we lost the fight today. She ate her food the night before, and went on a walk with us and Kenai and seemed happy and well. The next morning she was clearly not feeling well, wouldn't eat and the vet confirmed she was very very sick. We said our very tearful goodbyes. She was born in my hands and I feel blessed for every minute I was able to have her with me. We are very heartbroken to have lost our baby girl.

6-14-09: We went to a photography exhibit hosted by our friend and photographer Pat Floyd of Shooting Memories photography in Racine Wisconsin. The exhibition was themed "Man's Best Friend". Her photography is beautiful she has a real artist's eye. The work was displayed so nicely on panels made by her husband. There was wine and refreshments and candles all around. We had a lovely time and we even got to see Emma! She came in with her new owner and was happy to see us. We got to love on her a bit and then she wanted to go back to her new Mom. We had a great time. Congratulations to Pat for a very successful exhibition!! If you would like to view the photos in the exhibition Click here

6-12-09: We went to watch our Rally O Instructor and Friend Jen Hornyak take her 3 month old Labrador Retriever pup Nugent in a fun match. Her first time showing a dog in conformation and of course Nugent's first time in the show ring! They did very well and it was a good experience for both of them! Congratulations to Jen & Nugent for getting your feet and paws wet in conformation!!