Laura J Smith Portraits in Pencil
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Commissioned Portrait Agreement

      1. I have enclosed a 25% deposit.
      2. I understand that the balance is due before the artwork is shipped.
      3. I understand the artist reserves the right to refuse any photograph(s) she feels will not represent the subject well.
        If the photograph is not acceptable, the deposit will be returned, otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable.
      4. I acknowledge and agree that the copyright remains with the artist and the artwork may be used for advertising and on merchandise.
      5. Since all commissioned work is copyrighted by the artist, I agree not to reproduce the artwork without prior written approval from the artist.
      6. If I have enclosed any copyrighted photographs, I have also enclosed written permission to use the photograph signed by the photographer.

        Signed by:____________________________________

        Print Name:__________________________________